We believe in subtlety of design and uncompromising quality. 

At Lamont, we create exquisite, affordable everyday products that resonate with aspirational professionals. All of our products are ethically produced using organic materials in every way possible.

With this goal in mind, we created five pillars, our five values by which we hold the brand accountable in every aspect of our operation.


“Success without integrity is failure.”

Honesty, sincerity and a consistent set of moral principles are at the heart of everything we do. A considered and transparent approach to design and manufacturing, on-going evaluation of our methods and materials, and a commitment to the people that we work with is part of our DNA.


“We are measured by what we deliver; quality will be remembered long after everything else is forgotten.” 

Delivering quality is our commitment and priority, from selecting the best materials and working with the finest craftsmen to providing exceptional customer service.


“Achievement is the product of continually raising our level of aspiration and expectation.”

We pay homage to our roots, are humble in recognition of where we are but continuously challenge ourselves to be more, without compromise or excuse.


“Your relevance starts the very moment you start solving people's problems.”

Our products are conceived to be the perfect complement to our consumer’s lifestyle: skilfully crafted, intuitive design that meets the needs of practical and demanding professionals.


“Do not waste your time being in the majority, by definition there are already enough people doing that.”

While competitors offer “badges” for people to put on, our unique products serve as a reflection of our customer’s personal brand. We believe that you needn’t be “showy” to stand out: true distinction is excellence without pretence.